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To: NSW Government

No Public Sector Pay Cut

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Why is this important?

When the virus hit, public sector workers had to work harder than ever before - often they faced a greater risk of coronavirus by going into work at hospitals or cleaning public spaces and buildings around our state. They did to make us all safe and keep society functioning. Without them, Australia wouldn’t be getting through this crisis better than nearly all other countries.

But now the NSW Government, under Premier Gladys Berejiklian, wants to cut their pay.

Why? Because they're seen as an easy target - they don't have the wealth or power of big business, CEOs and banks that should be forced to pay their fair share of tax. What's worse, the Premier has already awarded pay rises to Government CEOs and Heads of Departments - one Government CEO even got a $65,500 pay rise!

But it gets worse for all us. When the lockdowns and social distancing began, people stopped spending money in their communities and shops. This turned into an economic crisis - people were queuing outside Centrelink for support. The Government employs 1 in 10 people in NSW and could increase the pay of its workers who spend in our communities and shops - with the lockdowns slowly easing, now is the perfect time! If they cut workers pay this will prolong the economic downturn for all of us.

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