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To: Rohan Lund, CEO, NRMA Group

NRMA: Don't Sink Wages to the Bottom of Sydney Harbour

NRMA Sydney Harbour Workers won a deal with NRMA on Fast Ferries securing a 100% permanence deal for existing crew (from 98% casual) and a 27% pay increase.

NRMA: its time to treat your workers with the respect and dignity they deserve. NRMA Sydney harbour workers want job security, to be paid fair industry rates, and worlds best practice safety standards.

The union for Sydney Harbour workers – the Maritime Union of Australia – is ready to meet and develop a positive relationship that guarantees fairness for your workers. Will the NRMA come to the table?

Why is this important?

The NRMA is buying up transport and tourism companies nationally. Recently, the NRMA began purchasing ferry services on Sydney Harbour in NSW.

At one of these ferry companies - My Fast Ferry - management have been deliberately forcing their workers to accept below minimum conditions, and robbing them of their rightful pay rates. Workers at My Fast Ferry can earn as little as half the pay as those doing the same work, on the same boats, on the same harbour. Their only mistake is to work for the NRMA.

The workers and their union – the Maritime Union of Australia - have requested that the NRMA do the right thing and treat their workers with the respect they deserve.

Sadly, NRMA has decided to dig in behind existing practices, and continue to treat Ferry workers like second class citizens.

How can you trust a company that behaves like this?

How it will be delivered

NRMA Sydney Harbour workers will gather all of these letters as a bundle and deliver them in person to Rohan Lund, CEO, NRMA Group. We will explain in person that we have the broad support of many thousands of ordinary NRMA members and community supporters.





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