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To: Ryan Ouyang, Managing Director, Ouson

Ouson – ditch Element 5/VCON before it’s too late!

Element 5/VCON have a despicable safety record – 4 workers sent to hospital and 1 fatality so far this year. It’s time developers stopped using Element 5/VCON to build Victorian homes. If they cut corners on safety, what else are Element 5 cutting corners on?

Ouson is a developer on Melbourne that have shortlisted Element 5/VCON as a possible builder for its new Bellenden development. Send a letter to Ouson’s managing director, Ryan Ouyang, to dump Element 5/VCON now!

Why is this important?

In the last two years, Element 5/VCON have had more than 124 visits from WorkSafe, 104 serious incidents and this year alone they have injured 4 workers to the point where they needed treatment in hospital. Tragically, a painter was killed on an Element 5/VCON site. This is a company that does not care about the health or safety of its employees.

If we don’t take action, developers will continue to hire Element 5/VCON. This rogue builder should not be getting work in Victoria while it fails in its duty to ensure a safe and healthy workplace for its employees. It’s time to stand up for workplace health and safety and tell Ouson not to hire Element 5/VCON.


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