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To: Ben Abdul Head of ECEC Management Gumnut Child Care Centre, Lithgow NSW

Pay superannuation to staff at Gumnut early learning in Lithgow

Workers at Gumnut are asking for their basic employment entitlements to be met.

We, the undersigned, are calling on Ben Abdul, Head of ECEC Management to take urgent action to:

•Start paying superannuation to his workers
•Back pay all superannuation entitlements owed to workers

Why is this important?

Workers employed at Gumnut in Lithgow are gravely concerned about their workplace entitlements as ECEC Management has not been paying superannuation for up to a year for some workers.

Workers at Gumnut are asking for their basic employment entitlements to be met.

Will you sign?

Reasons for signing

  • These people do some of the hardest work, looking after the most vulnerable people, and already get paid a pittance - pay their bloody super!
  • As an educator that has worked in the industry for over 30years, it has been hard enough to live on the extremely low income that we receive without our basic entitlements not being paid. I am sure that the Management would not tolerate this if it happened to them, so why are these educators considered less important than them.
  • I used to work at this centre when I was living in NSW. Even though I have moved to Brisbane and am still working as a lead educator within the childcare industry I want to see the educators that are continuing their amazing work at Gumnut get what they are entitled to.


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