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To: Dominic Perrottet, NSW Premier

Premier Perrottet: Resume train services and stop blaming workers!

Premier Perrottet must resume train services and end the lock-out of rail workers.

Why is this important?

The NSW Government and rail workers have been in negotiations for 9 months.

But in a dramatic escalation on Monday, the NSW Government cancelled all train services and locked out its own workers from doing their jobs.

Rail workers turned up ready to work on Monday. But the NSW Government is using an aggressive and unnecessary negotiation tactic - cancelling all train services and blaming the workers.

This doesn’t just hurt rail workers; it hurts every commuter and causes gridlock and chaos.

Rail workers are negotiating to stop the privatisation of services, and to ensure a safe and clean rail network.

The government could address these simple requests. Instead they decided to use this dangerous tactic to try turn the public against rail workers.

Sign the petition to send the NSW Premier a message: his attempt to manipulate public opinion by cancelling train services has failed.

Sydney NSW, Australia

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