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To: Malcolm Turnbull, Prime Minister of Australia

Prime Minister: it's educators who need a pay rise. Not your staffers.

I’m so angry. This week, Mr Turnbull decided to give his Canberra staff a whopping pay rise, averaging $30,000. EACH! Turnbull’s staffers already earn up to $259,000 each year. Meanwhile, tens of thousands of qualified passionate educators earn as little as $21 an hour.

Together in our Big Steps campaign, early childhood educators have made headlines across the world. We’ve walked off the job. Three times.

Everyone in the country gets why we are fighting for equal pay — except the one person who can fix it: Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull.

Instead Mr Turnbull stepped in to stuff more money into the pockets of his well-paid staff — but he won’t lift a finger to make sure we are paid properly.

We shape the minds of Australia’s next generation, including future prime ministers and political staffers. We deserve better.

Please sign my petition and tell Malcolm Turnbull that his political staff don’t need a pay rise, Australia’s early childhood educators do.

In unity,

Why is this important?

Early childhood educators are paid just half the national average wage.

Our work is undervalued for one reason: 97% of educators are women. Our job is seen as “women’s work”. We’re told we should do it for the love of it, but love doesn’t pay the bills.

Educating children is one of the most important jobs imaginable, we are setting children up for their future. We deserve respect and fair pay.

It’s time to value every child by valuing every educator.

We are DONE with asking nicely. Malcolm Turnbull has until Thursday 1 February to support equal pay, or we will escalate our campaign with nation-wide walk offs.

Reasons for signing

  • The rich are getting richer and the working class and the poor are getting poorer.
  • We are stronger as one unit.
  • Politician do alright childcare workers need the pay increase.


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