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To: Malcolm Parmenter CEO of Helius

PRIVATE PATHOLOGY: Stop bleeding QLD dry!

Healius, the parent company of QML, took $11 million of taxpayer money and are making record profits from the pandemic. Instead of passing a fair share of profits onto workers, QML Pathology is forcing through an Enterprise Agreement that cuts pay and conditions for frontline pathology workers.

We stand with pathology members of the United Workers Union and their continued struggle for a fair wage, secure work and proper staffing of QML COVID testing clinics. Working people are sick of seeing hard earned tax dollars fund private pathology companies that put profits before workers.

Why is this important?

Private pathology workers at QML are on the frontline of the COVID-19 response in Queensland, risking their health and safety to keep us safe. These heroes are paid as little as $23.09 for their sacrifice and are kept on 'flexible' contracts that offer no secure income or job security. Stand with us, stop private pathology bleeding Queensland dry!




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