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To: Cr Nicholas Reece, City of Melbourne Mayor

Stop the Privatisation of Citywide to Cleanaway!

Workers at Citywide have recently found out that the City of Melbourne is planning on selling off their waste services section to the private contractor Cleanaway. The ASU is concerned they are also considering selling off their Parks and Gardens service.  

We, the undersigned are writing to express our strong opposition to the sale of any services currently provided by our dedicated workforce at Citywide to Cleanaway.

The message from workers at Citywide is clear: maintaining in-house services is essential for preserving the integrity, reliability, and quality of the services they provide. We urge City of Melbourne Mayor, Cr Nicholas Reece, to reconsider any plans of selling off Citywide.

We call on the Mayor to rule out further privatisation of Citywide services including Parks and Gardens. 

Why is this important?

It is alarming that Council, comprised of progressive councillors, has initiated this sale. The sale like all privatisation decisions will put at risk workers, conditions and job security. 

Citywide workers have told us the following reasons that we should all oppose privatisation of these services: 

1. Job Security: Outsourcing threatens the job security of ASU members, who devoted their carers to providing quality services to the community.

2. Quality of Services: ASU members have the expertise and commitment to maintain high standards of work and services. Selling off our services to a private company will lead to a decline in quality.

3. Economic Impact: Keeping jobs within our community supports the local economy and ensures that ASU members can continue positively to it.

4. Accountability: Outsourced services to a private sector such as Cleanaway won’t improve working conditions including wages 
Melbourne VIC, Australia

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