To: Queensland Minister of Employment and Industrial Relations Grace Grace

Prosecute Minister Cash Over Work for the Dole Death

Prosecute Minister Cash Over Work for the Dole Death

Grace Grace, as the Queensland Minister for Employment and Industrial Relations, you need to hold Michaelia Cash accountable for the tragic death of 18-year old Josh Park-Fing at his Work for the Dole site at the Toowoomba Showgrounds.

After a 19-month investigation, last year your department charged the Work for the Dole site, the Work for the Dole co-ordinator, and the job agency for their role in Josh's death.

Why didn't you charge Minister Cash - the person actually responsible for administering the Work for the Dole program?

Minister Grace, you need to hold Michaelia Cash and the Coalition accountable for this tragedy. No one is above the law.

Put Michaelia on the stand.

Why is this important?

Work for the Dole is dangerous.

In 2016, Work for the Dole injuries increased 5 times. According to an Ernst and Young audit commissioned by the government in January 2016, 64% of Work For The Dole activities do not meet basic safety standards.

Why didn't Minister Cash shut down Work for the Dole when she had an indication it was unsafe?

Why has she allowed the deadly Work for the Dole program to continue?

Since Josh's death, Minister Cash has refused more than 10 parliamentary requests for her to release the report into Josh's death. What is she hiding?

Josh's family and friends deserve answers.

We have until the court case to pile on the pressure.

Sign this petition to demand Minister Cash be held accountable.

Reasons for signing

  • the government treat people like a throwaway go away piece of rubbish
  • Work for the Dole is dangerous and serves no positive purpose. The mister is responsible for continuing this program and the death of Josh is directly related to her lack of enforcement of safety on WFD sites. She should be held to account and JAILED for manslaughter.
  • W4D is unconstitutional - see para' 51 (xxiiiA) of Constitution. The death is a homicide under section 302 (4) of the QLD Crimes Act.X- CES job club mngr Job Network cnslant, this is 6th fatality that I am aware off.


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