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To: Josh Frydenberg, Federal Treasurer

Shut Down Work for the Dole

Shut Down Work for the Dole

Treasurer Josh Fyrdenberg, It's now been over 32 months since 18-year old Josh Park-Fing died on his Toowoomba Work for the Dole Site - yet your government still refuses to release the report into his death, or take any real responsibility for the dangerous program which took his life.

Josh's employment service provider NEATO has now been fined a measly $90k for forcing him into a compliance activity that ultimately took his life. All across the country, the government continues to reward private service providers with lucrative contracts and bonuses for putting unemployed workers' lives at risk.

It's clear that your government cannot guarantee the safety of Work for the Dole participants. That's why we're calling on you to do the right thing and shut this program down.

Why is this important?

Work for the Dole is dangerous.

In 2016 alone, reported Work for the Dole injuries increased five-fold. According to an Ernst and Young audit commissioned by the government, 64% of Work For The Dole activities do not even meet basic safety standards.

Rather than reining this dangerous program in, last month the Morrison government decided to significantly expand it. Knowing full well of the risks involved, the LNP are still sending more and more Australians like Josh to perform free labour at hazardous sites.

Treasurer Fyrdenberg, how can you and your government possibly allow this deadly scheme to continue? When it poses such a threat to the lives of all participants, how can you keep burying your heads in the sand and proclaim Work for the Dole a success?

So far, the LNP have refused more than a dozen parliamentary requests to release the report into Josh's death.

Treasurer Fyrdenberg, why does your government continue to deny these requests? What are you and your colleagues hiding?

Two-and-a-half years after their tragic loss, Josh's grieving family and friends continue to wait for answers. It's time they were given the justice, and piece of mind, they so rightly deserve.

It's time to shut down this dangerous program once and for all - before it tears another family apart.

Reasons for signing

  • wftd is meaningless and promotes further depression. -wftd participant here
  • Work for the dole is nothing but corruption slavery and a possible death penalty. It is only for the rich to show superior over the poor.
  • I feel that their was no real interest in getting people into work. More like Psychological torture. In the real job market no one in their right mind would place anyone in cleaning with experience working in a office and a highly skilled Resume, even if they did do WFTD cleaning. See how silly it is.


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