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To: Jacinta Allan, Minister for Public Transport

Public Transport in public hands, make your voice heard now.

Jacinta Allan, enough is enough! Open public transport up to public scrutiny!

Send the Minister an email so she knows to protect Victorians from Metro's greedy operations. Tell her your story about your experience with Metro Trains.

Why is this important?

Despite failures of maintenance, reliability and staffing, the government is soon to renew their lucrative contracts for Melbourne’s train and tram operations.

Many issues have been brought to the surface over the past months including network failures, derailments, un-maintained tracks, and under-staffing as well as typical canceled, delayed, or altered services.

This is while Metro Trains Melbourne continues to make millions of dollars from taxpayers and commuters.

These contracts are secret and have left us with a rail network in crisis.

Let Minister Allan know that taxpayers and commuters are sick of being shortchanged by a company that values shareholders more than ticket holders!

For more information, check out the article in the paper today:


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