To: David Crisafulli MP

Queenslanders reject "The Elizabeth Line"

A Gold Coast train wearing Queen Elizabeth's crown
The Queensland LNP has vowed to rename the Cross River Rail in honour of Queen Elizabeth II if they win the election. The LNP says they've got "nearly" 5000 signatures on a petition in support of their proposal.

There are a couple of minor issues Queenslanders would like to bring to the attention of the LNP.
1) The Cross River Rail project is not a standalone line. Cross River Rail is just the project name once it’s open the new stations will be served by the Beenleigh and Gold Coast lines. What exactly are the LNP naming? A section of tunnel?
2) The other lines on Queensland's network are all named after places such as the Ipswich/Rosewood line, the Redcliffe Peninsular line, the Gold Coast line, and the Doomben line.
3) The LNP has not presented their alleged 5000 names of supporters to Parliament.

Bottom line is this is an extremely weird way for the Queensland LNP to be campaigning for our votes. We have real issues in this state! We need better healthcare, continued cost-of-living support to families, and well-maintained roads.

Why is this important?

We respectfully ask that the Queensland LNP stop trying to dig up culture wars to divide us, and announce some policies that actually benefit Queensland communities.
Queensland, Australia

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