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To: Scott Morrison, Bill Shorten

Raise Newstart to the Poverty Line

Hundreds of thousands of unemployed Australians are needlessly suffering and starving on the punitively low Newstart entitlement. Surviving on less than $40/day, Newstart recipients are struggling to put food on the table and keep a roof over their head -- let alone do all they need to in order to find work.

As federal leaders, you have the power to end this misery, and restore dignity and security to people locked out of paid work through no fault of their own.

That's why the Australian Unemployed Workers' Union is demanding that the Federal government increase the Newstart Allowance and related payments to the Henderson poverty line.

Why is this important?

Newstart is $243 per week below the poverty line. Thanks to our government's refusal to raise the rate, unemployed Australians are being forced to needlessly endure crushing poverty every single day of their lives.

Because there are far more job seekers than jobs available, the average time spent on Newstart is now five-and-a-half years. According to the ABS, there are currently 16 job seekers competing for every job available.

In a wealthy country like Australia, which has "enjoyed" almost three decades of continuous economic growth, nobody should have to starve on lowly social security entitlements.

We must fight for the right of unemployed workers to a liveable income.

We must demand our leaders immediately raise Newstart to the poverty line.

Reasons for signing

  • unemployment sucks, it gives people dark thoughts.
  • Having access to an equitable share in Australia's financial resources should be every Australian's right. Your social engineering makes poverty the norm for millions of those persons out of work, or on benefits of all sorts. We should not have to beg for financial equity. No money, Mr Morrison? Sell one of your fighter jets worth $1 billion dollars. Return manufacturing to this country so that profits can be taxed here. Lots of things you can do. Just do it, for pity's sake.
  • NO ONE can live properly on $250 a week, considering rent alone can cost $150 a week for a single room. Newstart barely covers food and utility bills, and does NOT cover: clothes, shoes, car license and registration, printing paper and ink, washing machine, fridge, and anything else that needs to be purchased. These CAN NOT be purchased, because Newstart does not cover anything else except food, rent, and bills.


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