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To: Real for UQU Councillor Barclay Mcgain

Real for UQU Councillor Barclay Mcgain Must Resign

Real for UQU Councillor Barclay Mcgain Must Resign

Real for UQU Councillor Barclay Mcgain is clearly not fit to represent UQU students.

We call on Barclay Mcgain to resign from UQU council at the earliest opportunity, and to publicly apologize for allowing and promoting vile and racist attitudes.

Why is this important?

On Monday, the Gold Coast Young LNP posted a video that has been widely condemned as racist and offensive. The Empower team was shocked and horrified by the statements made in the video, and did not hesitate to condemn them unconditionally.

No such condemnation, or comment, has been heard from Barclay's electoral group - Real for UQU. The attitudes promoted by this video and by Barclay are the kind of attitudes that keep racism against people of colour well and truly alive in Australia, and should be met with outrage, not silence.

Unfortunately, Barcaly's behaviour in this video mirrors what many students reported witnessing from multiple Real campaigners during the 2019 UQU election: casual racism and discrimination.

Empower stood up to this behaviour then, and we will stand up to it now.

These beliefs have no place at our university, or in our student union. Barclay Mcgain must resign.


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