To: Federal goverment, Department of Home Affairs, Fair Work Commission

Reforming the temporary migration system in Australia.

Australia has become a guest worker nation in the last 25 to 30 years. The growth of temporary migration visas since the 1990s has turned Australia into a “guest worker state” creating an underclass of young, vulnerable, and often exploited employees. The rise of temporary migration has resulted in these workers to become vulnerable to worker exploitation and wage theft. Please sign this petition so we can make a stand and show government that we will no longer support a guest worker nation in Australia which sees temporary migrant workers exploited.

Why is this important?

This petition is so important to me due to the fact as an Australian born here from grandparents who are migrants from Italy that all migrants arriving in Australia deserve to be treated with respect and dignity and due to the temporary migration system, we have in Australia now migrant workers’ rights being exploited and wage theft is rife. We have become a guest worker nation where the number of short-term visa holders in Australia reached 2.4 million before the COVID-19 pandemic and the number of temporary visa holders in Australia had shown a trend increase in recent years, in contrast to relatively stable permanent migration levels. We need urgent reform in the migration system to fix this and allow migrant workers to be safe and protected at work.


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