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To: Regis Aged Care management

Regis nursing staff deserve fair wages and working conditions!

We call on Regis Aged Care management to recognise and value their staff by making a genuine offer of fair wage increases and improvements to our working conditions.

Why is this important?

Nursing staff at Regis Aged Care have expressed through recent rallies that management’s proposed Enterprise Agreement is an insult, and strips away many of our hard-fought working conditions.

Regis nursing staff already get paid less than other providers, yet management’s proposed wage increases – just 1% for some, and 2% for others – are cuts in real wages of more than 3 to 4%, given the recent 5.1% increase in cost of living.

Adding to this insult, management wants to cut so many of our working conditions and refuses to address understaffing and excessive workloads.

We work so hard to care for our residents in extremely difficult circumstances. The least management can do is treat us with respect by providing fair wages and conditions.

If management don’t significantly improve their offer, the majority of staff are likely to vote NO to the proposed Enterprise Agreement.
Queensland, Australia

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