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To: Victorian Catholic Education Employers

Respect the work of Catholic school teachers & support staff

Catholic education employers are rejecting vital workload and consultation provisions already agreed to in most other Victorian schools (including all government schools and 45 Catholic schools in the Sale Diocese). In doing so, they are holding up hard-earned increases to salaries - which have not risen in two years.

We urge employer bargaining reps to quickly resolve this dispute. Our teachers and support staff go above and beyond for our kids, and they deserve the same conditions and rights as their colleagues in government and Sale Catholic schools. Please support Catholic school staff by sending a message to employers.

Why is this important?

This term, staff are running a ‘No More Freebies’ campaign – because goodwill needs to go both ways, and they just can’t keep being expected to go above and beyond without the support of employers.

Our educators don't want to take this step, but they need to see that their work is supported and valued as much as their colleagues in other schools. Employers need to offer our Catholic education staff conditions and wages that are on-par with the industry standard.

Melbourne VIC, Australia

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