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To: Malcolm Turnbull and Pauline Hanson

Reverse the LNP ban on the Eureka Flag

Malcolm Turnbull and the LNP have introduced a new building code that means that companies who want government contracts have to ban all union symbols from their sites - including the Eureka Flag.

Reverse this building code that attacks workers and union rights, including the basic rights to freedom of speech and freedom to belong to a trade union.

Why is this important?

The LNP Government - with the support of One Nation - has introduced a new Building Code that aims to destroy unions and workers' rights on construction sites by banning all union slogans and materials like stickers, flags and symbols on clothing.

The new code bans "images generally attributed to, or associated with an organisation, such as the iconic symbol of the five white stars on the Eureka Stockade Flag." It also bans "mottos" and union names, symbols, "signs, markings or indications. "

It is an important part of Australia's history. Banning union motto’s, stickers and images, including the Eureka flag, is unAustralian..


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