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To: Scott Morrison and Gladys Berejiklian

Sack wage thieves from the Government's business advisory group

We must end wage theft in Australia. That's why Justin Hemmes, the man at the centre of a $126 million wage theft claim in pubs and clubs around Sydney, should be sacked from the Government's business advisory group.

Why is this important?

The billion-dollar pub empire run by Justin Hemmes uses a sophisticated system that records every single hour of unpaid work and stolen wages.

These records have been provided to media and the courts.

Workers have told of the toll this took on their lives, with one saying he “felt like a slave”.

Another chef became so physically unwell from the long hours that his doctor ordered him to stop working.

Chefs, kitchen hands, waiters, and many others have been ripped off.

But with the economy in recession, Liberal Government Treasurers turned to Justin Hemmes for advice.

Justin hemmes - the man who got rich from wage theft - should be kicked off the Government's business advisory board immediately.



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