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To: Macquarie Uni Council members

Save our staff! Macquarie student petition against staff cuts

This campaign has ended.

In an email to all students, the Macquarie Uni Vice Chancellor announced that the way the university is dealing with the budget shortfall is to create a ‘smaller university’. What he says this means is the implementation of ‘voluntary redundancies’, course cuts and caps on enrolment.

Macquarie University has $3.5bn in assets as of 2018, and millions of dollars cash in hand. They should be doing everything they can to save staff not implementing redundancies as a first option.

These attacks have to be seen in a context of the nation-wide assault on students and staff from the university bosses and the Liberal government.

As we know from recent changes implemented by university management, such as the secretive disestablishment of the Faculty of Human Sciences and the cuts to degrees and majors through MQ2020, Dowton is not interested in quality education or the working conditions of university staff. Now they are exploiting the COVID-19 crisis to push through further cuts to our education.

Why is this important?

If Macquarie management get away with this, it will mean potentially hundreds of staff’s livelihoods will be destroyed and our quality of education will continue to plummet!

Macquarie Students Against Uni Cuts will be working with staff on campus to fight back against these savage attacks. We shouldn’t have to pay a cent for their crisis. If you support this campaign to defend our education and staff jobs and working conditions please sign this petition.


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