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To: NSW Government

Guarantee Safety Equipment for All Essential Workers

We call on the NSW Government to rapidly deploy personal protective equipment required by essential workers in NSW.

This includes rapidly increasing manufacturing and production of this equipment in NSW, not importing it from overseas.

The NSW Government must immediately consult essential workers and their representatives to determine what they need to be safe.

We must do the right thing by essential workers who put their lives at risk for all of us. Safe workers mean a healthy NSW.

Why is this important?

Essential workers are putting their lives at risk for all of us. So why can’t we do the right thing by them?

Essential workers in NSW are being asked to work with little or no safety equipment.

They come into contact with people daily, putting themselves at greater risk of contracting COVID-19. They do this to keep our state healthy, safe, moving and functioning during the coronavirus.

Yet, face masks are being rationed in hospitals. Hand sanitiser is in short supply in schools and childcares centres. Others miss out entirely on health or safety equipment.

Essential workers care for our elderly, nurse our infirm, produce our food and stock our supermarkets. They ensure the lights are on and water is running. They fight the virus in hospitals, and keep our state clean, safe, moving and functioning during this exhausting pandemic.

The Government must step up and guarantee personal protective equipment (PPE) for all essential workers. If they aren’t safe, none of us are!

PPE includes medical masks, gloves, hand sanitiser, gowns, eyewear, face shields and other items. Different essential workers will have different needs. The Government must immediately talk with workers and their representatives to find what they need. They must fund, deliver or mandate employers provide the required PPE.



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