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To: The Hon. Sarah Mitchell, NSW Minister for Education and Early Childhood Learning

Sarah Mitchell: Listen to Early Childhood Educators!

Sarah Mitchell: Listen to Early Childhood Educators!

I'm an early childhood educator and centre director - and like all educators who've signed this petition, I'm insulted by the NSW Government’s proposed star rating system for early childhood services.

A star rating system will undermine the professional recognition and standards that educators like me have fought to maintain. Early childhood services are not restaurants or hotels. The complexity of our work cannot be reduced to a star rating.

As educators, we demand that the NSW Minister for Education and Early Childhood Learning meet with educators and learn from us about why this system will not work.

Why is this important?

Educators’ work is guided by the National Quality Standards for early childhood education. These standards are founded on research and international best practice. These seven standards cannot be reduced to a 4-star rating system.

High-quality early education cannot be reduced to a 4-star rating system.

This rating is being promoted as a process that educators have been consulted on, even though no evidence of this has been provided. It’s imperative that educators have their say - so please sign and share this petition to show the NSW Government that quality early education is worth more than 4-stars!

Reasons for signing

  • Equality in pay for the job requirements compared to male dominant industry, the training and skills that are required of us, all the out of hours work we do, the paperwork. The children are our future and many of us will rely on these children in the future.
  • This campaign undervalues both as professionals and the assumption that families cannot make informed decisions. The initiative does not prevent poor quality services from getting a "star" rating and also does not always reflect the A & R process that individual centres/educators have been a part of. Disappointed in no consultation - I thought we were better than this. Money could be well spent elsewhere supporting keeping fees low.
  • This star rating drivel not only adds further clutter to the required documentation posted on centre walls, it fails to give parents meaningful information about the centre and its actual quality. Parents aren't stupid, and ECEC is a complex profession. Don't reduce us to an oversized sticker on a door as if it will tell parents anything meaningful about the care within those walls.


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