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To: Minister for Transport, Ben Carroll

Save Newport Railway Workshops

Save Newport Railway Workshops

Commit the Labor Government to preserving the Railway Workshops as a working heritage Rail Centre

Why is this important?

The Newport Workshops played a significant role in the industrial development of Victoria and of the Union movement. During it's history the Workshops employed upwards of 5,000 workers at any point in time. These workers built and fabricated anything and every thing needed for the running of rail in Victoria.
At present the Workshops house three heritage rail operations that employ workers on a voluntary and directly employed basis, including apprentices.
The Government through it's agency Victrack is seeking to remove these heritage operators from the workshops and the future of those workers and the Heritage listed Workshops is uncertain.
We have to urgently act to save our industrial and union heritage.
The Government must unequivocally commit to preserving our Heritage and the operators that keep it functional.

Victoria, Australia

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Reasons for signing

  • These buildings are wonderful examples of Victorian architecture as well as being historically significant.
  • Newport is arguably the State's most significant intact industrial & architectural historic site. It is essential that we preserve significant industrial heritage sites such as this. Its importance as a centralised location for mainline steam railway preservation should also be recognised.
  • Victorian Railways history started in this area and that's where it should stay.


2021-09-07 15:14:24 +1000

It's pleasing to see still more signatures on the petition.
As with every one else I am a bit restricted at present but I will be perusing this matter and presentation of the petition when we emerge from lock down.
In the mean time check out the Newport Railways Worshops Preservation Group at

2021-07-09 09:13:39 +1000

Minister Carroll has declined to meet with me for presentation of the petition. He has instead requested an adviser to accept on his behalf. I am not overly happy with that response and considering next step.
Stay tuned and thanks for your support (check out the Newport Railway Workshops Preservation Group web site
Ray Crampton

2021-06-18 23:03:10 +1000

1,000 signatures reached

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500 signatures reached

2021-06-17 16:55:09 +1000

100 signatures reached

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