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To: NSW Minister for Transport

Save Our Sleeper Trains

The short-sighted decision by the former NSW Coalition State Government to axe sleeper carriages from future XPT services was short-sighted will hurt regional communities and rail workers.

But there's still time to save our sleeper trains.

Please commit to building and delivering new sleeper carriages for the regional rail network - so our new trains can provide the same level of service as our old trains.

Why is this important?

The former Coalition State Government excluded sleeper carriages from the new Regional Rail Fleet - which will replace the ageing XPT, Endeavor and Xplorer train sets. This means sleeper compartments will no longer be available on overnight train services between Melbourne and Sydney, and Sydney and Brisbane, once the current trains are retired.

Sleeper carriages:

• perform a vital transport role for people in regional areas, enabling comfortable and affordable low-emission travel for people who cannot drive or access commercial aviation; and
• contribute to regional tourism by offering niche travel experience.

Let's save our sleepers and keep our regional rail services on track!

How it will be delivered

The petition will delivered to the NSW Minister Transport.

New South Wales, Australia

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