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To: Paul Linossier, CEO of Uniting

Save Peppertree Place

On Friday we received some really great news: we saved Peppertree! Now we need pledges of help to make sure our community run, volunteer powered Peppertree can thrive:

After hearing of that Uniting (Previously Kildonan and Uniting Care) intend to close Peppertree Place by September 2018. We call on Uniting to reverse this decision and work with work with the Save Peppertree Place group to find a new organisation to take over the lease and continue the work of Peppertree Place.

Why is this important?

Community members of Coburg and surrounds, value the amazing oasis for our community that has been built up within Peppertree place.

The organisation is largely volunteer run and the programs have become an important part of people's lives. With many volunteers building both a support network and new skills that have lead to them finding new employment opportunities after extended periods on un employment.

Some of the program at risk if Peppertree place is closed include.
o A volunteer run nursery and café, which have a built a significant community of people around them.
o The gardens which are used by the neighboring schools, childcare centers, health practitioners and local playgroups,
o The surrounding gardens have provided a wonderful peaceful sanctuary for local residents especially those in high-density housing neighboring the Peppertree place.
o The Annual fiesta has been a triumph of volunteers and brought together many local organisations and built a community around the program run on site.

So please sign our petition to save Peppertree Place!


2018-09-03 09:36:53 +1000

Petition is successful with 1,255 signatures

2018-09-02 11:55:23 +1000

WE DID IT, WE SAVED PEPPERTREE PLACE!! Thank you everyone for helping us grow this campaign! More to come from this space soon as we want people to help us relaunch Peppertree as a community run local social enterprise! Donations are welcome and we will be launching a crowd funder very soon but you can pledge your support here. So we can let you know when it launches!

2018-08-25 07:52:31 +1000

Hey friends, we have a number of signatures on the petition off line as well so probably have close to 1800 signatures very close to the 2,000 we wanted by the end if the this weekend. Our people power campaign is having an impact too. We made front page of the Moreland Leader. We are also breaking through and getting some response from the Uniting Church and we are hoping to pitch to them our ideas for how Peppertree place could be kept open.

2018-08-21 10:26:15 +1000

1,000 signatures reached

2018-08-11 21:23:33 +1000

500 signatures reached

2018-08-09 13:23:02 +1000

100 signatures reached

2018-08-09 09:21:14 +1000

50 signatures reached

2018-08-09 08:23:40 +1000

25 signatures reached

2018-08-09 07:48:59 +1000

10 signatures reached