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To: University of Tasmania Vice-Chancellor Rufus Black

Save UTAS Security Jobs

With your support, UTAS listened to Security Officers; and as a result, United Voice members have been able to secure some significant wins through this campaign.

They are:
* A commitment that all jobs will be permanent with casuals only being utilised for backfill and leave
* Wilson will train all those who do not yet have their cert 3 to obtain it free of charge
* Wilson will consult security officers around rostering

These are fantastic and hard fought for wins by United Voice members. However, members have been clear that their fight is not over until every United Voice member is given a job they can count on.

Meet with Security Officers and hear how the contract change will effect them, and direct your Contractor Wilson Security to give all existing security officers a job they can count on by:
1) Keeping all existing security officers;
2) Honouring the existing classification agreement;
3) Consulting with security officers around roster arrangements;
4) Offering security officers permanent positions.

Why is this important?

Security officers at the University of Tasmania (UTAS) are facing potential job losses because of a contract change from Spotless to Wilson. There is no guarantee that current security staff will keep their jobs; they have to reapply for their positions.
Some security officers have worked at UTAS for over 13 years and are now faced with having no job, and if they are hired by Wilson there is no guarantee that they will have permanent employment or the same amount of hours.
Other security officers are long-term casuals, with some working at UTAS for over 9 years without job security. These guards now face the prospect of no job, no entitlements and no redundancy.
Wilson has already advertised the positions at UTAS without meeting with the current security officers first.
Security officers had some simple questions to ask WIlson, but Wilson has chosen to ignore them so now they are calling on the Vice-Chancellor of UTAS to direct Wilson to answer them and to give them a job they can count on.

How it will be delivered

Security Officers are seeking a meeting with the Vice Chancellor later this week to deliver their petition.



2018-09-13 14:48:01 +1000

Petition is successful with 730 signatures

2018-09-11 14:07:34 +1000

UTAS will meet with security officers on Thursday so they can tell them directly about their concerns.
This wouldn't have been possible without your support.
However, our fight continues until every United Voice member employed at UTAS is ensured a job they can count on.

2018-09-11 14:07:23 +1000

Fantastic news – our campaign has been acknowledged by the Vice- Chancellor Rufus Black!
The Vice Chancellor called United Voice this morning to talk through the security officers concerns and a plan to move forward.
He advised the following:
• All positions will be permanent full time and part time, with casuals only used for backfill and to cover leave.
• Positions will be correctly classified under the Security Services Award and there will be a review of classifications by UTAS with Wilson
• Wilson will consult with security officers around rostering.
• UTAS has told Wilson they want as many of the staff employed as possible.
• UTAS will follow up with Wilson regarding the cert 3 qualification.

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500 signatures reached

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