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To: Will Hodgman, Premier of Tasmania

Scrap the Cap

Scrap the Cap

Since 2011 Tasmanian public sector workers have had their wage rises capped at 2% through a policy imposed by government.

The cap was imposed in response to the global financial crisis but now the Tasmanian budget is in surplus, the government is talking up the economy but the 2% wage cap has remained.

Tasmanians, like other Australians, need a decent pay rise.

We want the Hodgman government to Scrap to Cap and bargain in good faith without a pre-determined wage outcome.

Why is this important?

Tasmanian public sector workers deliver opportunity, protection and improve the lives of our whole community. But to have services you can count on, public sector workers need jobs they can count on.

Tasmanians, like other Australians, need a decent pay rise. Even the Reserve Bank is encouraging workers to demand higher wages.

To do this we are asking the Tasmanian Premier, Will Hodgman, to Scrap the Cap, negotiate in good faith and make sure public sector wages and conditions are provided for in future budgets.

Bargaining is how generations of workers have built the jobs, wages and living standards most of us rely on today. This doesn't happen when governments decide wages outcomes before negotiations begin.

Reasons for signing

  • The cost of living is increasing rapidly in Tasmania and the wages that the government offer need to keep pace. It is actually cheaper in the long run for Tasmanians to be well supported financially.
  • Equality and Balance - we all need it! To long we have sat back and accepted that 2% will be ok, now that everything is back on track and the State is doing well it is time for equality and balance. what is good for the decision makers should good for everyone.
  • Capped wage increases for people who do such good work for our community is unjust


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