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To: Monash University

Secure jobs at Monash University

* appoint Dr Jan Bryant to a permanent teaching job
* meet with the NTEU to discuss the crisis in Monash's Art, Design and Architecture faculty
* commit to ongoing, secure jobs for all teachers at Monash University, including casuals

Why is this important?

Dr Jan Bryant has been teaching in Monash's Art, Design and Architecture faculty for 11 years. In that time she's taught thousands of students, supervised dozens of PhDs and published books, papers and essays.

For all of those eleven years, Jan has been employed on short-term contracts. Now Monash is letting her go.

To add insult to insecurity, Monash University advertised a job for Jan's exact role, and Jan applied. Monash then told her she wasn't good enough for the role. No-one got the job.

Jan is the unwilling face of workplace insecurity in Australian higher education. Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, more than 17,000 university workers have lost their jobs.

Monash University's Art, Design and Architecture faculty is in crisis. Several employees have resigned due to workplace bullying. Now MADA has engineered the departure of a popular teacher.

The NTEU asked the Dean of the Faculty, Professor Shane Murray, to meet with us. He refused.

Jan is a beloved teacher at Monash University. As a result of this decison, many of her PhD students will be left in the lurch.

Jan says: "I've struggled with 11 years of insecure work, but through that time have worked hard, and been dedicated to my teaching and research, only to discover that my contract is not being renewed."

"I face a precarious future."

Jan deserves job security, and her students deserve to keep their teacher. Every employee at Monash University deserve secure employment.

How it will be delivered

In person to Professor Shane Murray, Dean of Monash University's Art, Design and Architecture faculty (COVID restrictions permitting).

Melbourne VIC, Australia

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