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To: Martin Bean, Vice-Chancellor RMIT University. Cc: Dr Ziggy Switkowski AO, RMIT Council Chair Chancellor

Commit to Open Governance and Financial Transparency, RMIT!

Commit to Open Governance and Financial Transparency,  RMIT!

We the undersigned members of staff at RMIT ask that you fulfil your responsibility as Vice-Chancellor and meet and talk with us directly with regard to how the university has been affected by the COVID 19 crisis, what has been done to respond to the crisis, and, what are the plans for the immediate future, safeguarding the wellbeing of the university, us, its staff and our students.

We ask that you provide a real commitment to open governance and financial transparency with the university community that recognises staff and students as central pillars of the university; and that you engage in open discussions with all staff and the NTEU, and that you commit to working collectively for the benefit of all.

Why is this important?

We have created a petition seeking to hold RMIT and its management to account for failing to fully engage in an open and transparent way with NTEU members on the current state of and future of RMIT.

• We know that RMIT has to change the structures of the University
• We know that RMIT is facing a significant loss of income over the next two years
• We know RMIT management has opened consultation on volunteering for a redundancy
• We know that RMIT is not renewing people’s fixed term contracts
• We know RMIT has not reengaged people who were employed as casuals
• We know people’s workloads are oppressive.

It is our commitment to each other that will see RMIT through this current crisis. We need to be included in discussions for the future of RMIT.

Reasons for signing

  • Financial transparency is good for all
  • Loss of casuals across the workforce and increased workloads.
  • oppressive workload


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