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To: Tolarno Eating House, St Kilda

#SoLowTolarno: Obey the Court, Pay Your Workers Now!

I worked as a head chef at St Kilda’s famous Tolarno Eating House from November 2017 to March 2019 and I am owed almost $13,000 in stolen wages and annual leave and thousands more in super.

They stopped paying me regular wages just after Christmas.

For two months, they kept making promises that the money would come. They said tomorrow. Then next week. I said to the boss “please don’t lie to me”.

Then they stopped taking my calls.

I have a mortgage and a personal loan. I fell behind. Everything was late. It was very stressful. I couldn’t sleep.

Eventually I took them to court, and after six months the court hearing came and the court ordered Tolarno to pay me. They had 21 days to pay. The deadline was Monday 2 September. But they didn’t pay me.

We work so hard. The money we earn is so little. All we are asking is to be paid properly. There is no respect from these bosses.

The current laws are so weak. My employer has ignored the court and nothing has happened.

That’s why I joined Hospo Voice. When we’re in a union, we have a loud voice and they can’t ignore us.

Why is this important?

Tolarno Eating House has stolen tens of thousands in wages and other entitlements from Hospo Voice members. They need to pay up now.

Tolarno has tried to wear these workers down, making them wait months and months, ignoring court orders.

But these workers’ determination to win justice has only grown stronger, and they have the full support of Hospo Voice members and supporters everywhere.

We will stand with them to ensure they are repaid every single cent.

Bosses that defy court orders to repay stolen wages deserve to be behind bars.




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SNAP ACTION: Tolarno Eating House, St Kilda - 6.30PM Thursday 19 September.

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