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To: Your Federal MP

Stand up for working people and support penalty rates

Australians working in retail and hospitality rely on penalty rates to put food on the table, pay their bills and support their families.

However, unless Malcolm Turnbull and the Liberal Party stands up for working people and protects penalty rates they are set to lose up to $6000 a year.

This is a pay cut that working people cannot afford. Politicians know that this decision is important; they know that it has the potential to decide the next Election.

Show your MP just how important penalty rates are to your community– email them telling them why you support penalty rates and ask them to publicly stand up for working people.

Why is this important?

Malcolm Turnbull and the Liberal Party have a simple option: to stand up for working people or not.

It’s never been more important to tell MPs our stories and demand they stand up for us.

The more MPs who come out in support of penalty rates, the harder it is for Turnbull to remain silent.



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