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To: Scott Morrison


In just a matter of weeks the Morrison Government intends to scrap JobKeeper and slash JobSeeker to $40 per day, abandoning tens of thousands of hospitality workers, many who remain unemployed in an industry where jobs are scarce.

Is this you or someone you know?

It was only three months ago when hundreds of thousands of hospo workers lost their jobs when COVID-19 forced casinos, pubs, clubs, restaurants and cafes to shut down overnight.

Now we’re about to be pushed back into crisis all over again!

Ending JobKeeper will force venues to close again and push more of us onto the unemployment queue.

Slashing JobSeeker will force us to survive on $40 per day or worse, left with zero support at all.

Given the crisis of insecure work in hospitality⁠—where four out of five hospo workers are casual or in a broken visa system⁠—failing to expand and extend Job Keeper to ALL workers will leave many struggling to survive.

Will you join your fellow hospo workmates and help us call on Morrison to put a stop to his plans to scrap JobKeeper and instead help us rebuild a better, stronger hospitality industry?

Scott Morrison needs to hear from us – he needs to know we’re hurting and can’t afford to be left even further behind – we need to pay our bills, feed ourselves and keep a roof over our heads. And we need jobs we can count on.

That’s why we’re coming together to fight as a union for guaranteed secure incomes and secure jobs. That’s how we can #RebuildHospo.

Why is this important?

Will you join the fight to save hospitality jobs before it’s too late?

Join us today and add your voice as we call on the Morrison Government to protect hospo jobs and provide a secure income by:

1. Immediately extending JobKeeper until hospitality gets back on its feet

2. Expanding JobKeeper to ALL hospitality workers regardless of employment or visa status.

3. Lifting the rate of JobSeeker so that those that who lose their jobs aren’t forced into poverty while finding another job





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