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To: SA Premier Steven Marshall

Steven Marshall: Fund the Gap for Critical Mental Health Services by June 30

On June 30, the Federal Government will slash funding to the key Personal Helpers and Mentor Service (PHaMs) mental health support program by 50%.

This puts thousands of people in the South Australian community who rely on this service and the 150 jobs of the highly trained workers who deliver the program at risk.

As Premier, we call on you to step up and fill the funding gap left by the Federal Government to make sure that South Australians can continue to access this crucial service.

Why is this important?

Community based, mental health support programs like the Personal Helpers and Mentors Service (PHaMs) are crucial in supporting people dealing with mental health issues to live a good life.

With federal funding for the program being cut by 50% on June 30, thousands of South Australians currently benefiting from the program will be left without support and the jobs of approximately 150 highly trained workers have been put at risk.

Join Australian Services Union members and key organisations in the mental health sector in calling on South Australian Premier Steven Marshall to step up and fill the funding gap before June 30 to save this crucial mental health program.

Reasons for signing

  • As someone who suffers mental health issues, the funding is necessary. So many people are not getting the help they need now, imagine how bad it will be when they cut the funding by 50%. Its insane!


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