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To: Matthew Guy and the Liberal Party

Stop workplace deaths like Dillon's: Make industrial manslaughter laws a reality

We call on Matthew Guy and the Liberal Party to support industrial manslaughter legislation to end workplace deaths, like Dillon Wu's, in Australia.

We call for legislation so negligent employers can be charged with industrial manslaughter when a person is killed at work. Labor has committed to industrial manslaughter laws - the Liberals need to do the same to prevent any further deaths at work.

Why is this important?

Last month, 20 year old apprentice boilermaker Dillon Wu died at work, overcome by fumes while welding in a confined space.

Dillon had been working at the site – Marshall Lethlean in Melbourne – for just two weeks. He was supplied to the company by the Australian Industry Group (AIG). The company knew the worksite was unsafe, and had prepared a safety report regarding 11 high-priority hazards.

Following an anonymous complaint, WorkSafe had been to conduct a safety inspection at the site on the morning Dillon died.

The inspector left the site at 9.30am. Dillon was dead by 10.00am.

It was the absolute duty of the AIG to provide a safe workplace for Dillon.

Instead, he was sent into a tank to grind welds, without ventilation, without a gas monitor, without supervision, and without certification to weld in a confined space. Instead, he was sent to his death.

Every worker should come home safe from work. Deaths on the job are 100% preventable. When workers die, employers must be held responsible.

We must stop deaths like Dillon’s. Sign our petition to make industrial manslaughter laws a reality.

Reasons for signing

  • A preventable death that could of been avoided if businesses were up to date with polices and procedures. Good businesses train their staff. A business should teach employees certain techniques and knowledge to perform well on the job rather than left alone to learn themselves. It is only a matter of time until another case like this comes along, if we do not update our business laws.
  • All workers have the right to be safe at work
  • Because someone needs to be held responsible for negligence.


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