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To: Subway Systems Australia

End exploitation at Subway!

It's time for Subway Head Office to finally take responsibility for the behaviour of their franchisees.

We're calling on Subway to:
- Ensure all wage underpayments are rectified
- Demand compliance from all of its franchisees with workplace laws
- Scrap its “Subway University” unpaid training program

Why is this important?

I've worked for two different bosses at Subway - but it's the same experience every time.

Wage theft.
Unpaid training.

And I know that there are thousands of other young workers right around Australia just like me. Young workers who are being paid at less than the Award rate, working overtime for no pay, facing intimidation and threats from franchisees, and being expected to complete the official Subway training program "Subway University" in our own time.

When I tried to report this wage theft to Subway's head office, I was told that there was nothing they could do. But that's a lie.

Subway's head office has a responsibility to make sure the people it permits to run businesses under it's brand are not exploiting workers.

This isn't just one "bad egg" franchisee. This is systematic.

Subway needs to take responsibility for this mess.

Read more about the investigation into Subway's underpayments:





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