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To: Fair Work Commission

Stop exploitation of food-delivery riders!

For almost a year, I was a rider with Deliveroo. I could fit the work around my other studies and enjoyed my time on my bike.

But life for riders isn't easy. Being on the road can be unsafe, we have to cover our own insurance, ride quickly in the dark and the rain and don't get sick pay or superannuation.

Riders deserve safety at work, a wage they can live on and basic conditions.

It's time for multinational companies, like Deliveroo, Uber Eats & Foodora to treat their riders with respect.

Why is this important?

It's not good enough. We work hard and are entitled to fair pay and proper working conditions. We deserve the conditions and protections that Australian workers have worked hard for.

Working as a delivery rider for Deliveroo was precarious. They offer no job security, no sick pay, no paid holidays and no superannuation. Insurance can be expensive and conditions unsafe.

A recent survey by the Young Workers Centre found that 3/4 riders are earning below the minimum wage, almost half of riders have been injured at work and for many riders this is their full-time job.

Riders are required to be responsible for their own insurance. This means that if workers are injured they will have to pay any medical costs and will not receive any pay while you are unable to work. For workers here on a visa, it is unlikely travel insurance will cover an injury sustained while working.

There's no compensation if you get hurt and you can be out of work for months if you have a crash.

The bigger the petition is, the stronger the message we can send: we need to change the rules so food-delivery riders get a fair go.

Reasons for signing

  • Delivery riders should be employees, and their equipment (bikes with correct lights and nighttime safety gear) ought to be supplied by the delivery companies.
  • I’m sick of exploitation of employees. The cost of living is way beyond the wages we/they make and the expectation that the lowest paid workers should pay their own insurance, tax, sickness, holidays other operating expenses from the pitense they are paid is despicable. A living wage should be mandatory and at least in line with the cost of living. I suppose they are told they are sub-contractors and have to have an ABN
  • Join your union.


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