To: Channel Seven

Stop Hate Speech Against Unemployed

On almost every episode of the Channel 7 Sunrise Program, there is a story attacking 'dole bludgers'. This must stop. The Sunrise program must stop using hate speech against the unemployed.

We demand a right to reply on the program.

Why is this important?

It is the worse time in Australia's post-war history to be unemployed, yet the government and the media continue to blame the unemployed.

It is clear that the problem is the system (of which mainstream media is a part) which is upheld by the politicians. The focus needs to be on them, not the unemployed. Politicians and media need to be held to account.

Where are the jobs?

What are the government doing about the Newstart rate which is $380 per fortnight below the poverty line?

What are the politicians doing about the disaster of work for the dole, cashless welfare, job search agencies, drug testing and so on. They profit, while the unemployed suffer.

Sign this petition and demand the unemployed are given a voice!

Reasons for signing

  • The Australia Government must hate the unemployed, what do they know about hard times, Rich Kids.
  • it is not fair for all unemployeds to suffer for the sins of the few. why make them suffer even more by suspending their payments. There may be jobs out there but most of them are not suitable for the unemployeds coz they dont have the proper qualifications and to get one cost a lot of money which the govt should be supporting but is failing!! The govt should be offering low cost training to all unemployeds regardless of their social standing
  • If the government spent more money on job creation and less on "programs " and "glorified Centrelink sitters", this nation would be better off for it.


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