To: Minister Darren Chester

Stop Issuing Temporary Licences to Shipping Companies Allowing Them to Replace Australian Crew

Federal Transport Minister Darren Chester and the Department of Infrastructure and Transport must immediately cease issuing 'Temporary Licences' (TL's) to CSL (Canadian Steamship Line) when there are Australian Ships available.

The issuing of TL's outside the intent of Coastal Trading Act 2012 has meant Australian ships are constantly being replaced by low cost, unsafe ships of shame under the watch of this government.

Another Australian ship, The CSL Thevenard, has just been taken off the coast leaving the Australian crew without a job while foreign flagged ships and exploited seafarers are being used to do their work.

Any CSL ships operating on the Australian coast should employ Australian seafarers.

This has also happened to the CSL Melbourne, CSL Pacific and CSL Brisbane and in a similar scenario Alcoa were issued with temporary licences to allow foreign crewed ships to take the work of the Australian crewed MV Portland.

Why is this important?

The minister and the government should be standing up for Australian seafarers and denying any temporary licences while there are Australian workers available.

Its time to stand up for Australian workers and the shipping industry.

Reasons for signing

  • Loosing a job has a devastating effect on a person, their family, and community as a whole. The government can put a stop to this by putting Australian workers first instead of them being replaced by exploited cheap foreign labor. That is what any responsible government would do.
  • Reasons for ensuring Australians remain a vital element on the coast to name a few are, national border safety being bolstered by our seafarers who are required to be rigorously security screened as a job pre-requisite, the world-wide benchmark which is our seafarer’s workplace health and safety training, protecting the delicate marine environment which we work and rely upon also the many contributions we make to our communities by living here in our country. Our coast, our jobs, our future!
  • It's the right thing to do. Stand up for Australians


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