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To: The Senate Crossbench

Stop Morrison’s union-busting bill

We urge the you to reject Scott Morrison's union-busting agenda once again.

Why is this important?

Less than a week after being rejected in the Senate Scott Morrison has delivered on his promise to big business and put his union-busting bill through the House of Representatives again.

But before it can be law it must go to the senate. The senate rejected union busting only a week before Morrison has rushed the same law back into parliament.

These union-busting laws will hurt working people in this country. These laws will make it harder to win pay rises, harder to keep workplaces safe and will make it easier for bad bosses to do the wrong thing.

These laws continue a double standard that targets unions with deregistration over minor errors, like filing paperwork late, yet the big banks continue to get away with outrageous, ongoing criminal behaviour.

Morrison’s laws are union-busting pure and simple.

Morrison has no plan to stop the criminality of the big banks, no plan to end wage theft and has one set of rules for banks and big business and another for working people and unions.


Reasons for signing

  • Who are the morons who voted for this incompetent happy clapper? Not gainfully employed?
  • Union busting is only ever bad news, look at Maggie and Reagan in the 80’s!
  • i believe if this law comes in it will destroy the wages conditions and safety in the work place with out union the work place becomes more dangerous we will beat the mercy of the big greedy bosses


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