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To: Ballarat City Councillors

Stop Paying Pipecon

On Wednesday 24 August, Ballarat Councillors awarded a $2 million contract to Pipecon Pty Ltd for a road reconstruction project.

In March 2018 two local workers, Jack Brownlee and Charlie Howkins, were killed when a trench collapsed. They were working for Pipecon at the time.

In November 2021, Pipecon was convicted and fined only $550,000 for failing to provide supervision to ensure a safe workplace.

This is a company that has been found culpable in the deaths of 2 members of the Ballarat community and is under investigation in the death of a third man, Leigh Suckling, in 2020.

Pipecon's actions and the slap on the wrist they received inspired Victoria to introduce Workplace Manslaughter laws. Although Pipecon can't be charged with the new offence retrospectively, they should still never be allowed to work in our community again.

No level of government should be awarding contracts to companies that negligently cause the death of workers. Never. No exceptions.

Why is this important?

Ballarat Council giving money to Pipecon is a slap in the face to all of us as Ballarat ratepayers and Victorians.

Councillors must immediately review this decision, award the tender for Tait St road reconstruction to another company, and apologise to the community.

Ballarat VIC, Australia

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