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To: Australian Premiers & Child Protection Ministers

Stop private providers profiting from at-risk kids

STOP PRIVATE PROVIDERS PROFITING FROM AT-RISK KIDS: Ensure governments take responsibility for vulnerable children

The Four Corners program that aired on 14 November exposed the neglect and abuse occurring in privately-run residential care facilities where the most vulnerable children in our society live.

As state and territory governments have privatised residential child protection facilities over the last few decades it has become big business. Providers can charge governments up to one million dollars per child in care – money that does not trickle down to children, with cases of children not receiving enough food or clothing, or other supports such as therapists or clinicians.

It is time for Australian governments to step up and take responsibility for the duty of care they have for these vulnerable children.

We are calling on Australian governments to stop contracting out services for at-risk kids to organisations motivated by profit margins.

Why is this important?

Since 1997 there have been more than 40 inquiries into child protection. The time for inquiries is over. In light of abuse, neglect, and cost-gouging of these private providers, state governments can no longer outsource their responsibility to provide safety for these children.



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