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To: Min for Communications Paul Fletcher and the Scomo federal government

Stop the ABC job cuts

Stop your political attack on our ABC! Reverse the decisions to cut funding and restructure the ABC. Save 250 crucial media jobs across the country and don't cut services.

Why is this important?

The ABC provides crucial bushfire alerts, community events, weather reports, sports news and local news in urban and rural areas across the country.

The ABC has been a lifeline of information and education for Australians throughout the bushfire crisis, coronavirus pandemic and more. And cutting the ABC Life program will stop our national broadcaster from telling important, diverse stories.

The proposed cuts of Radio National flagship 7.45am news will reduce public scrutiny of government of the day. Paul Fletcher, Scott Morrison and the Liberals must stop attempting to undermine the ABC and the role it plays in independently holding the government and corporations to account.

To stop these cuts will take a huge amount of public pressure. Please sign and share this petition to let Paul Fletcher know Australians love our ABC!


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