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To: Roy Bagattini, CEO Woolworths Holdings

Stop the Country Road cover-ups!

Country Road, and its parent company Woolworths Holdings, must end their culture of silence and cover-ups when it comes to serious allegations of sexual harassment and bullying of staff members.

We call on Country Road to stop the cover ups and get serious about gendered violence in the workplace. 

Why is this important?

The South African boss of Woolworths holdings (owner of Country Road), Roy Bagattini, recently directed Country Road Group staff to refrain from talking publicly about serious allegations of sexual harassment and bulllying in the company.

Country Road, like so many other companies before them, has responded to these concerns by intimidating workers and covering up their complaints.

It's no way to run a business, and it's certainly no way to end gendered violence in the workplace.

Workers across Victorian are campaigning in union to to end this culture of cover-ups and victim-blaming, in part by working to ban the use of non-disclosure agreements (i.e. cover-up clauses) in cases of workplace sexual harassment.

Country Road's customers and the general public have a right to know if their purchases are being used to prop up a business with a toxic workplace culture.


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