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To: Scott Morrison

Hands off the Arts ScoMo

The pre-election budget was an outright attack on the arts. Scott Morrison and Josh Frydenberg have cut arts funding by a quarter of a BILLION dollars. This is after the abandonment of workers in the creative industries by refusing to provide JobKeeper during the pandemic. It is a needless attack on arts workers, our culture and the economy. Workers in the arts deserve a secure job. They are part of the country's cultural fabric. The funding cuts must be reversed.

Why is this important?

You should join this campaign if you love Australian music. It has been totally defunded. If you love Australia content on TV and Film then the $70 million cut must be reversed. If you live in the country you want the $10 million back. If you enjoy this festival, the Fringe Festival Rising, music festivals, the opera, theatre, museums, art galleries; any of these events you should demand Morrison puts the hundreds of millions back in the budget. Less submarines; more gigs.

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