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To: Education Minister Dan Tehan MP

Stop the Fee Hikes Dan!

Stop the Fee Hikes Dan!

University shouldn't be a debt sentence. But the recent announcements from the Education Minister may lock future students into a lifetime of debt simply because they want an education.

A 113% increase in costs in some faculties will only create further inequalities for marginalised students like women and people with disabilities, who already take longer to pay off their HECS debt.

Sign this petition to tell Dan Tehan: stop the fee hikes!

Why is this important?

Changes like these may end up oversaturating the job market in areas such as nursing, where even more students will be left without a job when they graduate.

Lowering the cost of tertiary education for some shouldn't come at the cost of access to others - particularly when a fee increase will disproportionately affect low SES and first in family students.

For some students, studying maths or science degrees just isn't an option for them due to where they live, their secondary education or physical inaccessibility of STEMM courses. To make them pay more because of reasons out of their control isn't just unfair - it's discriminatory.

Reasons for signing

  • International students already pay almost 4 times the amount of the fee paid by the locals currently. It’s ridiculously expensive for them already, yet the government is making everyone to pay much more. Don’t be greedy
  • Working class people already struggle just to enter university. I refuse to let you doom them to a life of perpetual debt and general mediocrity.
  • I'm planning to go into the music industry in 2023, and this will completely screw me over..


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