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To: James Packer, Owner, Crown Casinos

Stop the Kennett-Crown deal to sack Casino workers

After meetings held last week, all sacked ETU Crown workers have been offered their jobs back in the casino on existing UNION terms and conditions - and with increased job security.

This is another great victory for working people. On behalf of the sacked workers, the ETU would like to thank the entire union movement and the community for their strong support in getting these sacked workers their jobs back. Well done all.

Crown Casino is sacking the workers who fix the pokies and cutting the pay of their replacements in half.

Crown Casino makes billions of dollars every year. But Crown and their billionaire owner James Packer are so greedy they want even more – and they want to take it from the workers who made them rich.

Crown has done a dodgy deal with politician Jeff Kennett, the former Premier of Victoria. Kennett gave Crown their licence, and now he’s helping them sack workers and cut wages.

Crown doesn’t need the money – last year they made a $542 million profit. Their billionaire owner James Packer has two luxury yachts and flies around the world entertaining his rich friends.

Crown was welcomed into our community because they were supposed to provide good, stable jobs.

There’s nothing good about greedy businessmen and politicians using cosy relationships and backroom deals to sack workers and slash wages.

Why is this important?

Jeff Kennett and Crown are planning to game the system and use loopholes in our work laws to cheat these workers of their livelihoods.

Kennett is planning to make big money from his political connections and cosy relationship with Crown – the casino he granted a licence to and opened when he was in power. Now he wants to profit from sacking Victorians and cutting the wages of their replacements.

Kennett’s company, Amtek, is bidding to take over pokie machine maintenance for Crown. The technicians who have been doing the work for 20 years have been told they can't apply for the new jobs - and their replacements will be on half the pay (just under $38,000).




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