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To: Steven Marshall, Premier of South Australia

Stop the privatisation of SA Pathology

The PSA has campaigned for two years to stop the privatisation of SA Pathology, and today the state government announced it is ruling it out. PSA members and supporters can be proud of their strong commitment to protecting this vital, world-leading public health service.

Dear Mr Marshall,

Just before your government was elected in March 2018, you said publicly, "We don't have a privatisation agenda."

Since that time, your government has forced SA Pathology to cut millions of dollars from its budget or face privatisation.

Fast forward to March 2020 and SA Pathology is the only pathology provider testing the community for the novel coronavirus (COVID-19).

If our public pathology provider is privatised all South Australians will be at serious risk. We will be forced to pay excessive fees to for-profit providers, none of which have the skills and capacity to perform the wide range of tests that SA Pathology does currently.

You have said numerous times in the media this week that SA Pathology is leading the nation and the world in its response to the COVID-19 outbreak.

It's time you publicly ruled out privatising it.

Why is this important?

When there's a crisis, we can only rely on public pathology and health services to protect the community.

Thanks to our world class public pathology service, South Australia is testing more people for COVID-19 than any state. 

Tell Steven Marshall to keep South Australians healthy, and rule out any plans to privatise SA Pathology now!

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