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To: Hon Stuart Robert MP, Minister for Government Services

Stuart Robert - Save Centrelink Jobs!

420 Serco Employees have been told they will lose their jobs at the end of October. These employees work on the Services Australia contract processing Centrelink and Services Australia claims. Serco has announced the out of hours processing workers will no longer be required as part of the contract.

Minister for Government Services, Stuart Robert MP must intervene to help save these jobs and help support the Services Australia system from cruel and unnecessary job losses in the middle of global crisis.

Why is this important?

The Australian Services Union represents processing and telephony employees at Serco. These employees are the backbone of the Services Australia system, and have worked tirelessly to support Australians during bushfires, Covid-19 and a major recession.

These essential workers in the processing team are classified as Casual, so after years of services helping vulnerable Australians, they will be left with nothing.

We need the Government to intervene and help save these jobs and help support Services Australia.



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