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To: The South Australian Government

Student Public Transport Equity

Currently only in-person full-time student are eligible for student public transport concessions. In recent times cost-of-living pressures have greatly increased on students and with the expectation that students work more to cover basic cost-of-living increases.

We are calling on the State Transport Minister, Tom Koutsantonis to create a fairer and more equitable public transport concessions system for all students.

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Why is this important?

There are currently some misconceptions which surround how part-time and online student study.

People choose to study online for a number of reasons but common reasons include; distance from campus, care responsibilities, looking after young kids, mental health barriers (e.g. severe anxiety), having access requirements because they are living with a disability and a range of other reasons.

With the new University Accord just around the corner, the majority of the Federal Government's proposed suburban study hubs are in low-SES areas where many of the abovementioned barriers to education present a real challenge to students coming onto campus.

This concession would largely affect these low-SES students and allow them to access such study hubs. Just because someone studies online does not mean they don’t leave the house, oftentimes these students will seek out study hubs, local libraries and other places with strong wifi, IT equipment and quiet spaces away from home.

Unfairness also occurs where some students struggle and drop from a full-time to part-time load. This means they are no longer eligible for public transport concessions and must suffer as a result of taking a practical step to improve their grades and look after their mental and physical health.

The public transport concession system should give concessions to all who forgo employment and income to seek a university education.
We need a fairer public transport concession system for all students.

South Australia, Australia

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