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To: Mayors and CEO's

Support Council workers being stood down with no pay

Support Council workers being stood down with no pay

The Australian Services Union is calling on all Mayors and CEO's from 6 Councils who have stood down library workers and School Crossing Supervisors. These workers are not getting paid and are not entitled to JobKeeper.
Casey City Council , Stonnington City Council, Boroondara City Council, City of Port Phillip , Glen Eira and Frankston City Council have not given one reason as to why Councils cannot continue to pay their Library workers and School Crossing Supervisors on full pay whilst finding alternate work for them.
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Why is this important?

The Australian Services Union believes all workers need to be supported, there is moral argument that these workers should be paid whilst the restrictions are in place and the cost to Council is minimal when you take into consideration both libraries and School Crossing are funded.The Mayors and CEO's at these Councils -
Casey City Council,
Stonnington City Council,
Boroondara City Council,
City of Port Phillip,
Glen Eira City Council and
Frankston City Council.
should make the decision to continue to pay these workers.
The ASU have written to each of these Councils, including the Councillors and CEO's , they refuse to budge.
We believe these workers deserve a fair go and need their employer to show compassion.
The only way we can get these 6 Councils to change their stance is by putting pressure on the Mayor and CEO's asking them to pay their workers with full pay.
We value our Library workers and School Crossing Supervisors and we know you do too!
Sign the petition today and ask your friends and family to sign too.
Thank you!

Reasons for signing

  • Support the lollipop lady’s . They’re sensational
  • I'm a librarian, and I know just how much can be done remotely. I'm also a member of Boroondara Library so I'm extremely disappointed to see yet another service gouge by this council. I'm supporting my industry colleagues and I'm also standing up and saying to these councils that you are too far behind the times: wake up. No more fines, no more debt collectors, no more conservative, passive practices. Listen to your staff and your community before you are irrelevant.
  • Very grubby


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