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To: Local Members of the Australian Federal House of Representatives

Support Fair Pay for Pharmacists

Support Fair Pay for Pharmacists

Pharmacists are amongst the lowest paid professions in Australia and as a result, our nation is losing high-quality pharmacists to other industries.

We call on our Local Federal Members of Parliament to support the call for a 30 per cent increase to the Pharmacy Industry Award 2010.

Every day, people visit pharmacists for advice on scripts, medicine, chronic disease and more. Pharmacists make sure people get well and stay healthy and they are the most easily accessible of all the health professionals.

The current remuneration arrangement for pharmacists does not reflect today’s medicine complexity and extra responsibilities.

The industry cannot afford to keep wages low.

We need a fairer system to recognise the work that pharmacists perform for our community.

With your help, we can lift the pay in pharmacy and safeguard the profession into the future.

Why is this important?

The community relies on pharmacists, yet too often the respect, recognition and reward for this important work flow away from those who actually do it.

We are committed to advocating on behalf of employee pharmacists so that they are heard by government and industry.

The Fair Pay for Pharmacist case is an initiative by Professional Pharmacists Australia, the association and union for non-owner community pharmacists.

How it will be delivered

Signatures will be delivered to Local Members in person and by post.

Reasons for signing

  • This isn't just a matter of wanting more pay - as a young pharmacist just starting out, I know what the pressures are like in this industry and it doesn't make sense that we should also be the lowest paid of all health professions... I want to be able to continue in my chosen career, so change needs to happen (and soon!)
  • Pharmacists should be recognised for their clinical skills and knowledge for dispensing medications and maintaining professional standards. It's also important to pay them accordingly to encourage talent into the industry
  • I signed because pharmacists are not paid according to their skills and responsibility. Let's stop the 'trickle-down' wage strangulation!


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